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Reflections on the Recent Slump in Risk Assets

11 Oct 2018

Cross asset correlations are rising yet again as risk assets slump. Here we examine possible reasons why, and also offer an explanation to the movements in crypto markets.


Buying Bitcoin at the Plaza Hotel

13 Sep 2018

33 years ago, the U.S. government balked under pressure from exporting companies. This would come to have dramatic effects on the dollar.


Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt — or Possible Outcomes?

10 Sep 2018

As with all bubbles, it's extremely hard to stay objective. No one wants to hear the possible future outcomes for bitcoin and altcoins.


Bitcoin's Performance Against Crisis Currencies

5 Sep 2018

Earlier research indicates that Bitcoin may prove a lackluster safe haven during an equity market meltdown. But, how has it fared against current currencies that are in crisis.


JP Morgan isn't the Real Threat to Robinhood

4 Sep 2018

Many expect JP Morgan's new investor friendly brokerage service will spell the end for startups like Robinhood. But is JP Morgan the real threat to Robinhood, or does it come from somewhere else.

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