Why should we spend years of our lives traveling to and from work when today’s technology already allows us to work from anywhere? Why do we not create individual workplaces entirely adapted to our personal and unique needs?

Many people see a future where we jump into self-driving cars that take us to and from work. But why not think one step further and eliminate the trip to work altogether?

We’ve seen how costly it is to move large amounts of people to and from the workplace. We see how large the cost is for the individual in the form of stress and concentration difficulties, for companies in the form of office costs, for nature in the form of emissions, and for the state and taxpayers in the form of infrastructure.

All of this led to the decision to make Rebfund completely “remote”. Remote work is not for everyone - it requires discipline. But so does the future, and so do we. We work from afar, but never far from each other.


Every role has a goal. How to achieve this goal is up to you.


We are always on the hunt for analysts and although there are exceptions, we do think a strong technical background (degree in computer science or engineering) will aid in such a role.

We also accept spontaneous applications for any role you think may be beneficial for the organization. And remember, we don’t care who you are or where you live, only what you can contribute to the cause.